Euro Carp 1000 

The Euro Carp 1000 is now in my holdall along with the Competition 3000. The pole will compliment the Euro Competition 3000 as all the sections are interchangeable.

Not only can I use the 11.5 m Euro Carp 1000 in strong winds it also give me spare sections should I break one on my Competition pole - I'll have a replacement while I waiting for a spare section to arrive. I'm also going to have a few trips to commercial fisheries to 2022.

The pole is 7 sections with a small butt section to take it to 11.5 m - and there are two other smaller butt sections. The pole also comes with two extra top 3 kits at 4.56 m, and also a 4.56 m cupping kit. 

The Carp 1000 is 228 grams heavier than the Competition 3000 at 11.5 m - with the small extension. You can feel it is strong, but the Competition 3000 doesn't feel weak. Basically, the 13 m Competition 3000 weighs the same as the 11.5 m Carp 1000.

The number 1 section is the same as the number one on the Competition 3000 except it has a 4.5 mm bush instead of the 3.5 mm bush. This will let me use much stronger elastics - although I won't be going higher than a Dura Slip 11. 

The pole feels as stiff as the 3000 and you don't notice the extra weight that much. See the weights above. 

I've put the pole and the two spare top 3's in my holdall and also the 11.5 butt extension. They are basically the same as the ones on the Competition 3000.

This pole will be perfect for the Bream on venues like the Voorne Canal and also great for some of the F1 fishing I want to try out soon. 

I've fitted the monoblocks with No. 9 and No. 11 Dura Slip - but this is just through the 1.55 m long section. This will power up quickly and get the fish out fast. The monoblocks from the Comp 3000 fit on the pole too, so I can use it with lighter elastics as well.

Using elastic through 2 sections is pointless as I can't use a puller kit on the deep venues anyway. Some experimentation is required - a day on the Voorne canal, or an F1 commercial, should suffice.