Preston Innovations Euro Competition 3000 

 Update - 22.11.2021 

I have been using this pole for some time now and it impresses me more and more ever time I use it. It is a joy to use at 13 m and I can hold it all day long - it has no effect on my back. The pole slides through the hands really well and is very well balanced.

A joy to use at the full 13 metres - a pole for the connoisseur.

I'm was going to order a number 5, 6 and 7 section, but instead I got the Euro XS Carp 1000 13 m and the Euro Carp 1000 11.5 m - where the sections are interchangeable. I now have spare parts if I even stupidly break one and I can use both pole at the same time (made up on the bank of course).

If you are on the look out for a strong, stiff and fairly light pole with a great package without the need for extras, check out the Euro Competition 3000 pole. Check out the details below.

 Bought on 04.03.2020 

The Preston Innovations Euro Competition 3000 13m is now my pole of choice. The M70e top 4 was often too short at 5.54m for fishing in the deeper canals.

All the lengths and weights - when combined.

The pole is 13.08m long with the small extension fitted - and these are solid extensions that come with pre-fitted rubber bungs. For those matches restricted to 11.5m, the pole measures 11.52m also with the protective mini-extension fitted.

Using the pole on the Twente Canal - here at 11.5 metres

The massive bonus that this pole has over the M70e, is that the top 4 is 6.08m long, 54cm more,  and that makes a big different on the deeper Dutch canals.

The tips are perfect for a single length of elastic - as you can see, I usually use a connector.

The tip section is 1.55m long and is the perfect length for a single piece of Preston's Original slip elastic. I have made up all 10 section with different elastic sizes - but now use mostly the Drennan Power Pull elastic in 1 mm, 1.2 mm and 1.4 mm.

I have 10 No.1 sections for different elastics. The sections are very strong.

The pole came with 4 extra top 4s, a top 4 cupping kit (also 6.08m), 5 extra No. 1 sections (1.55m) and 4 min-extensions. The reversible mini-extensions are very strong and come with rubber bungs already fitted - excellent protection for the pole.

Top competition pole from Preston Innovations!

I'm really looking forward to using the pole. After comparing it to the 796 SW in the shop in Haaksbergen (Hengelsport Hennie Kruidenier) I was really impressed. The package is much better than the Sensas package and the pole tip is much stiffer.

This pole is without doubt the best I have ever used. Awesome!