Simply Pole Fishing

 Albert Canal, Genk - 30.10.2015 

Today I went down to see Guido Nullens in his shop in Bree to ask him where I could practice on the Albert Canal for the open match on Sunday.

This is a nice stretch of canal where you can park behind your peg

We were not allowed to fish the match stretch itself so he suggested I drive down to Genk and give the canal a go there.

A little company on my left as well. Nice day.

I had a few maggots, pinkies, casters, worms and some hemp so I was ready for almost anything. I just set up a couple of rigs, one for the chopped worm and one for the punch.

Comfortable peg today - no long walks and a flat bank

I used a Drennan G-Tip 2 for the chopped worm with a size 16 B520 hook to a 0.11 mm Reflo Power bottom and 0.13 mm main line.

A Drennan Carbo on 0.13 mm main line and a B611 size 18 to a 0.09 mm bottom fished off the punch rig. I use a B611 as opposed to a B511 as there are some big fish to be caught here.

These Gobies are almost everywhere now :-(

Starting on the punch and I promptly caught a Goby first put in - not a great start.

It's nice to catch Roach like this

After a few more runs through I started to catch a few Roach.

They were not big but the float was going under regularly so I was enjoying the fishing.

Perch just love chopped worm

The only negative point was the amount of boats and the very strong tow - which made fishing with 2 grams impossible.

After a while I decided to give the chopped worm a try and started to catch Perch fairly quickly.

Nice little Roach

At the end of the session I have had 1800 grams of mainly Roach and Perch.

OK for a few hours on a Friday morning

It was a good session but was spoilt a bit by the number of boats - the water just never settled down.

Hopefully there will be a few fish on Sunday in the Guido Nullens Open match.