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 Preston Innovations 

I have used Preston Innovations tackle for many many years now, and I use their tackle almost exclusively. I think the first items I used were probably the Original Slip elastic and the original Chianti pole floats for my hemp fishing - we're going back a few years now.

My box, pole, rods, reels, nets, umbrella, accessories - everything is made by Preston Innovations. The quality is extremely good and the tackle is robust and lasts a long time. The clothing I use is also very good - comfortable and warm - but my wet weather gear is from Drennan - the Preston suits just didn't fit right. 

New for 2022 is the Absolute Platform, the Euro XS Carp 1000 13 m pack, and the new hardcase tackle and bait bags.

I guess you could say that I like Preston Innovations tackle.

But it wasn't always that way. I used Shimano reels for decades, but the new Centris NT reels are as good as Shimano if not better. The new Euro Competition 3000 pole is better side-by-side than the top of the range Sensas poles - I know because I tested them last year. The best test is holding and handling the poles side-by-side, as well as looking at the overall pole package - which is substantive.

Over the next few pages you will see the Preston Innovations tackle that I use and some reports on how it is performing.

Click the link on the right to go to their website to see the latest equipment on offer. They are continually improving their range and I fully recommend their gear. I get all my Preston Innovations from Hengelsport Hennie Kruidenier in Haaksbergen. Click the link on the right to go to Paul Keizer's shop website. He'll send the gear wherever you want. It's one of the best tackle shops in Holland.