I have used Michael Zammataro's groundbait since 2015 when I first went to his factory in Essen with Einfachstippen. I have tried many of his groundbaits and use several of them all the time.

Brassen (Bream), Kanal Mix and Rotauge (Roach). Brassen and Kanal Mix or Rotauge and Kanal Mix with added Coriander work very well.

The Turbo Cloud in Natur and Black is used in most of my mixes, and I usually add earth or the Kanal Mix. For Roach I add some Coriander additive and for Bream some Caramel additive.

This is one of my favourites - Turbo Cloud Roach and Skimmers Natur, also in Black for clearer water.

I add VDE Black Earth to my mixes in the colder months.

 Sonubaits - Natural Groundbaits, Hemp and Pellets 

 So Natural Non-Fishmeal Groundbait 

When I can get it - and it's not easy now that the UK has left the EU - I like to use the Sonubaits groundbaits as the non-fishmeal groundbaits have come on leaps and bounds. Last year I tried the new Black Roach, Black River and Black Bream, and they worked really well. The Black Roach can be mixed sticky to carry a lot of feed particles and is great at attracting and holding fish.

These are the three additional groundbaits that I use when I can get them - mixes straight out the bag!

I will use the Black Roach, Black Lake, Black River and Sweet Skimmer when I can get it.

I've always added additives to my Roach groundbait, especially coriander, and the Black Roach has enough coriander in it so I don't need to add it separately. Black Roach is the perfect Roach groundbait straight out of the bag!

Looking forward to trying the new Sweet Skimmer mix - if it ever arrives in Europe. 

 Marcel Van Den Eynde 

 Black Earth 

I use Black Earth and Black Earth Heavy mostly in the winter months when you don't need as much food content in the groundbait, although the Black Earth is also good in the Summer.

I like using this black earth from VDE, especially when the water gets colder.

Always pass the earth through a maggot riddle before using it.

I mix my Sonubaits groundbait to the right consistency and the add the riddled earth as required. Then I mix them thoroughly together with a drill and whisk.

 EXPO  Expo is an excellent groundbait if you are after Tench and Skimmers - especially Tench.