Simply Pole Fishing

  Harinxma Canal - 13.08.2017 

A visit to the Harinxma Canal today to fish with Owen Poulsen. I have never fished up here before, so it should be interesting.

We fished in the middle of the section on the north bank.

The canal is wide and there is a lot of boat traffic - big boats as well. The canal is not moving very much but the waves will be a challenge today.

It was a good canal bank, with the car close by. Looks OK.

I set up a couple of rigs for 11.5m and one for the inside. The usual Drennan 1g AS5 down the side, and a Dave Harrell 1.5g DH13 with an olivette and 3 No. 9 droppers, and a Preston Innovations 1g Inter Carbon, with an olivette and a string of No. 11 Stotz.

A few balls of groundbait with joker and casters should get the fish going.

I made up 11 balls of groundbait full of joker and a few casters and balled it in at 11m at the start. I have put some softer groundbait to the side to top up with later on.

Owen was to my left and finding it hard to get bites. The boats were not helping at all.

The bites came fairly quickly and I was putting a few fish in the net. Owen seemed to be struggling, and was certainly catching less than me.

When this went past, it was GAME OVER!

It was the boats that really made the fishing difficult.

In the end, I managed to put a few fish together and weighed almost 6 kilos. Plenty of bites between the boats.

Unfortunately, there are too many boats here to make it worth a return visit. Goodbye Harinxma Canal.