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 RAF Old Lags - Meppel 2023 

The 2023 RAF Old Lags trip was based around Meppel in Holland from 15 - 22 April. We have the Beukers Canal, Steenwijkerdiep and Helomavaart to the North, and the Veen Canal to the East. We were going to fish the River Ijssel, but on the practice day it didn't fish too well with just Roach being caught.

OLD LAGS 2023. L-R: Doc Holliday, Martin Hallford, Phil Foster, Vince Entwistle, Roger Lickfeldt

We were based at the EuroParcs centre in Reestervallei, and had a great 5 bedroom house - one bedroom each, and three of the rooms were with their own shower and wash basin. Very cosy with all cars parked at the house.

The 1 litre cans of beer went down well!

You can read a little about the venues we fished over the next few pages. Apart from 1 day, I fished the pole all the time, and usually either 10 or 11.5 metres.


After five matches, here are the overall results which were based on weight - points included for comparison:

I managed to get 3 wins and 2 second places to secure the title of Old Lags Holland Champion 2023.

Although it was nice to get 78 lbs on the feeder on the 4th day, the best fishing for me was the 3rd day on the Helomavaart when I had 33 lbs on the pole. 

We are all already looking forward to getting back to Holland for our next holiday in April 2024!