Simply Pole Fishing


The Preston Innovations Original Slip elastic was in my pole tips for decades, however, there is a new kid on the block, and that's the Preston Dura Slip  - this is awesome stuff.

Original Preston Slip elastic - I used this for many years.

I use elastic through the № 1 tip section of my poles - which is a long section at 1.55m with Preston . 

Awesome elastic from Preston Innovations. I'm loving the No. 3 and No. 5 versions for silver fish.

It is important to balance the hook-length with the elastic size you are using. When the fish turns its head, the elastic gives and the hook-length should be able to cope. If the elastic is too strong you could break off when the fish quickly turns and powers away.

I have fitted all of my Monoblock's with Dura Slip elastic - 3 x No. 3, 3 x No. 5 and 2 x No. 7 in the 3.5 mm tips, and 2 x No. 9 & 2 x No. 11 in my 4.5 mm tips.

So far the elastic has performed extremely well when fitted through the tip section of my pole, and powers up quickly for those bigger fish.

Even with the Dura Slip elastic I prefer to use a normal connector rather than a Dacron connector.

The new No. 3 is proving to be perfect for my Roach and Skimmer fishing. The No. 5 is perfect for heavier rigs and when I'm fishing for bigger Bream.