Simply Pole Fishing

 Here you will find all my fishing reports for 2022 

2021 was not a good year with all of the Corona restrictions and I had several issues with my back, but we are all hopeful of a better 2022. The Einfachstippen angers rarely fish together now so most of my fsihing is alone when I get the time and when my back isn't causing me any pain.

We are having the Stippevent on the 28th August, a couple of months earlier this year and limited to 84 anglers. Hopefully we will have some great prizes on offer, so I hope we see you on the Twente Canal in August.

The website needs some work, so Roger is going to spend some time on it this year. We should have lots of reports to bring you this year in German. Click the einfach logo in the right column to see the site.

The year would only be completed with a few sessions on the River Berkel - one of my favourite venues. You can fish the pole and waggler hear really well, and it has a depth of 7-8 feet - perfect for Roach fishing!

A few individual matches should be on the cards and maybe we will get to enter a couple of one-off team events, trio events or pairs events.

Then from 26 - 30 September I have a few days in the north of Holland fishing the canals and rivers - and also a commercial.

Also at Alkmaar, I have 11 days fishing with the Old Lags in April. We will be fishing on the North Holland canal - a venue full of Skimmers and Bream. I hope we can also managed a day on the Voorne Canal - it's only just over an hours' drive away - and they have installed new bigger fishing platforms, and the Bream will be waiting!

Roll on 2022!