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 Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal 

The Zuid-Willemsvaart Canal is made up of many sections, crisscrossing the lowlands of The Netherlands. I have fished many sections of the canal, and listed here are just a few of those that I will fish in 2024.

Steeped in history - good and bad - this is a machine gun bunker on the canal. The only shooting I will be doing the with the catapult, feeding Roach some Hemp & Casters!

The Zuid-Willemsvaart is a long channel in the provinces Dutch Limburg, Belgian Limburg and North Brabant. It serves as lateral channel of the Maas. 

Several other important waterways are connected, including the Wilhelmina Canal. On its almost 122 km long route, the Zuid-Willemsvaart passes cities such as Maastricht, Measmechelen, Bree, Weert, Helmond and 's-Hertogenbosch.

There are many anglers to be found fishing on the banks of the canal throughout the year, with the main targets for me being the Roach, Skimmers and Bream.