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 Euro Competition 3000 13m and Euro XS Carp 1000 13 m 

 Euro Competition 3000 13 m 

I've had the Euro Competition 3000 for 3 years now, and it's a really impressive pole. It came with 4 spare top 4's and a top 4 cupping kit - all @6.08 m length - perfect for deep Dutch canals. All together there a 10 Monoblock tips for elastics - more than enough for my Dura Slip No. 3 and No. 5 elastics. 

Lengths and weights of the Competition 3000 pole.

The Euro XS Carp 1000 13 m pole is now in my holdall with the Competition 3000. I use the XS1000 in strong wind, and the top 4's and Monoblocks from the 3000 fit - keeping the pole a bit lighter. All the sections from both poles are interchangeable.

The pole at its full 13 m is a joy to use.

When I first tried the pole I compared it to the top of the range Sensas pole - and it was better. No changes required - no cutting back tips - perfect straight out of the holdall.

Simple graphics and a smooth finish complete the looks of the pole
10 Monoblocks for eleastics

 Euro Carp XS 1000 13 m 

The Euro XS Carp 1000 13 m pole is 8 sections with 4 difference butt sections. The pole comes with 3 extra top 2 kits although the spare No. 2 sections are of no use for my fishing. 

Weights and lengths of the 1000 XS Carp

The number 1 section is the same as the number one on the Competition 3000 except it has a 4.5 mm bush instead of the 3.5 mm bush. This will let me use much stronger elastics.

The pole feels almost as stiff as the 3000 and you don't notice the extra weight that much until you get to 13 m . See the weights above. The Euro Competition 3000 Top 4 kits weigh 180 grams - 28 grams less to hold at 13 m is good.

I've put the Euro XS Carp 1000 in my hardcase with the 4 different butt sections and use the 1000 butt sections on the 3000 too.